Message to Media


To the members of the media!

Have you forgotten your fallen colleagues?

Just a Reminder: Daniel Pearl was beheaded and murdered by fundamentalist terrorists on 2002/Feb/01 at the age of 38 years young. He was an expecting father but never saw Adam, his son. He never had the opportunity to have the joy to hold his son in his arms, never got the chance to see him growing up!

So, are the people you see in these pictures!
Sons and daughters of mothers and fathers who had hopes for their children. The children of Iran who wanted nothing but FREEDOM!

The same freedom you and I enjoy in the civilized world! Nothing More! And they were killed for this simple wish!

Neda Agha Soltan, Sohrab Araabi, Taraneh Mousavian, Mohammad Kamrani, ... and many more were murdered in the hands of the Islamist mercenaries in Iran for the past two months alone and the number is rising! Death by point blank shooting, torture & hangman's noose.

Isn't FREEDOM! the chore value of what you in the media, stand for?
FREEDOM! Isn't what you in the media made your career for?
FREEDOM! is what the youth of Iran gave and are giving their lives for.

Yes. All they need is FREEDOM!

We appeal to your sense of journalism and your eternal love and passion for FREEDOM.The cause which your fallen brothers in pen, have given their precious lives for. We appeal to you to break the wall of silence and let the FREEDOM to flourish for the people in Iran who have suffered enough for the past 30 years under the tyrannical rule of the theocratic terrorist Islamic regime in Iran!

FREEDOM in Iran means an end to the International Terrorism, Nuclear Threat, & potential WAR!
And it means: Peaceful Coexistence, Friendship & A Better World for All of us citizens of the free world.

Members of the media must help tear down this wall of silence, violence and ignorance.


Friends of Free Iran

911Neda, is an association of Americans & Europeans & Iranians to promote Freedom, Justice, Equality and to stop fundamentalist terrorism worldwide.
The bullet that pierced Neda's heart in Iran was fired by the same savage hand that plotted 9-11.
In June and July of 2009, the fundamentalists in Iran collaborated with Hamas terrorists, to slaughter Iranian youth. Americans and Europeans stood by the Iranian people. It is time for the Iranians to unite with free world to stop terrorism.
Join us this Sep-11 to commemorate all the victims of fundamentalism and to condmen terrorists, worldwide. Together, Americans & Europeans and Iranians can and must STOP fundametalists terrorism.